Inside the Golden Age of Hollywood

To incentivize your reading, here are the comments by a few noted experts on Hollywood’s legacy:

“Dick Guttman is one of the most experienced and accomplished film publicists who ever lived, his knowledge and experience stretching from the Golden Age through the present day.  In Starflacker, he recalls the moments that have shaped his life and career with such vividness and humor that it becomes impossible to put the book down. Dick has known everyone, seen everything and, most remarkably, in a business in which most people come and go like shooting stars, retained the respect of just about everyone he has encountered over the course of more than a half-century. Anyone inside or outside of the business should do themselves a favor and read his book to learn about the movies they love — and from his example."


Scott Feinberg   The Hollywood Reporter, esteemed entertainment industry journalist


  "Don't know what the author could've done to make this any livelier short of coming to our house and acting it out. It's fascinating and significant.. a primer on how to get along with some formidably famous people.  It's a remarkable life, but told with a staggeringly sharp eye/ear/nose and throat for not just the way people act, but also the way they think and speak!  Guttman never comes off as a moralist (or an immoralist). All the madcap strategies of a unique profession are brought to life"

Sam Kashner  top Vanity Fair writer and noted author ("Furious Love," the Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton best-seller, co-authored with Nancy Schoenberger)


“’Starflacker’ is funny and eccentric, and it’s exactly how it was.  I thought stardom’s greatest era was gone forever, but now with Dick’s book it isn’t.”

Pat Newcomb   legendary publicist on whose genius, friendship and confidentiality such immortals as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn depended


 “’Starflacker’ is more than the story of Hollywood.  It’s a box of chocolates.   300,000 words, yes, but no one ever complained that a box of chocolates was too big.’

Barry Hirsch   distinguished leader among Hollywood’s sage lawyers to the stars